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Current Information

Drummer; lives in Washington, D.C. area with daughter, Gracie, one dog, two birds (as in: ‘single’ ).  Main areas of interest: jazz, blues, WWII history (and leads own WWII living history group—WWII Allied Aviation Federation [WWII AAF]), Renaissance painting, British mysteries, acting.  Leads jazz groups of various sizes, anything from trios up to 17-piece big bands.  (This includes authentic WWII Army Air Force Band.)  Works all over the world.


Can also be seen on nearly every sculpture panel of the new WW2 Memorial (was primary model and organizer of all other models for scenes depicted) and can be heard in numerous Voice over projects (constantly on Fairfax Government Cable Channel 16 for one) but the acting/VO career is on a different bio!


Musical History

Worked and associated with many, many great musicians.



Milt Hinton, Keter Betts, Bob Haggart, J.J. Wiggins, Major Holley, John Previti, Tommy Cecil, Masato Kobayashi, Jack Lesberg, Steve Novasel, Johnny Williams



Art Hodes, Eddie Higgins, Bill Potts, Mark Shane, John Sheridan, George Wein, Ray Sherman, Jim Dapogny, Butch Thompson, Alan Farnum, Johnny Varro, Mike LaDonne, John Colliani, Claude Tissendier, Norma Teagarden, Harry Kanters



Jack McDuff



Steve Jordan (in Brooks’ jazz group for eight years), Marty Grosz, Charlie LaBarbara, Danny Barker, Paul Wingo, Joe Cohn, Steve Abshire, Ian Date, Vinnie Corrao, Danny Gatton ,Ted Connor



Peter Ostrushko, Paul Glasse, Paul Anastasio, Matt Glaser, Tim O’Brien



Wild Bill Davison, Billy Butterfield, Doc Cheatham, Max Kaminsky, Randy Sanke, Ed Polcer, Bent Persson, Bill Berry, Tommy Saunders, Warren Vaché, Connie Jones



Bob Havens, Bob Hunt, Al Gray,Benny Powell, Dan Barrett, Herb Gardner, Bill Alred, John Jensen, Dave Steinmyer



Frank Foster, Bob Wilber, Kenny Davern, Frank Wess, Peanuts Hucko, Bobby Gordon, Johnny Mince, Flip Phillips, Jim Galloway, Ken Peplowski, Benny Waters, Harry Allen, Chuck Hedges, Tom Baker, Joe Muryani, Tommy Gwaltney, Alan Vaché, Eiji Hanaoka, Antoine Trommelen, Joe Midiri, Al Galodoro, Thomas Ornberg



Chuck Redd, Paul Midiri, Lenny Cuje, Joep Peters



(Believe it or not) Barrett Deems, Johnny Blowers, Bobby Rosengarden, Butch Miles, Gene Estes, Red Hawley, Louie Bellson



Helen Ward, Helen Forrest, Banu Gibson, Barbara Lea, Janet Seidel, Donna Byrne, Ericka Ovette


Musical Influences:

Gene Krupa; Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, on and on and on…


Born Philadelphia, November 12, 1954.  Formative years in Baltimore, ’57 to ’72.  First professional gig: ‘68.  (Been playing ever since.)


Brooks is on hundreds of albums, including eight under his own name (5 of which he produced) and many from Europe and Japan.


Brooks has produced numerous tribute concerts which include:

·        Accurate and complete recreation of the 1938 Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall Concert

·        Gene Krupa

·        Artie Shaw

·        Benny Goodman

·        Duke Ellington

·        Nat King Cole

·        Louis Jordan

·        J.J. and Kai

·        Helen Ward

·        Tommy Dorsey

These concerts involve full big bands and all related small groups.


Has lead a Sunday afternoon gig for the last 22 years starting in Alexandria, to Glen Echo and on to, by far the BEST of them all, at Starland Café (in second year there).  Only place in the DC area (or many other areas for that matter!) to hear this kind of music, (played well) and with the joy, respect and musicality it deserves!  Always a good day of music and friendship with many players sitting in every week. (Frankly if not THE, definitely ONE of Brooks’ favorite gigs!)




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